Branding - Corporate

  • Researching your customers and industry to determine your brands point of distinction and the meaningful market position only your brand can fill 
  • Defining your brand, developing your logo & tagline and brand style guide to awareness and image protection purposes.
  • Launching/Relaunching your brand and activating your brand online presence that gets found by search engines and customers, whiles engaging your brand audience online with social media.

why Branding

Launching your brand from the inside out requires adequate knowledge about the brand point of distinction and its meaningful market position. Failure to establish this ruins the most important aspect of your brand launch both externally and internally. There must be an organizational wide buy-in for imbedding the brand message into the entire brand experience first, before any attempt to launch it externally. Again, how do you intend to carry out your brand message and the kind of experience you want to achieve if you don’t first deduce your brand promise, personality and character. There is no doubt why most businesses fail or flop succeeding online.  Don’t forget the internet is the most travelled route to your business offerings. Its the starting point for finding directions to information about your business, as well as evaluation and consideration of product and services. Don’t attempt to establish a presence without a point of distinction, a meaningful market position, your brand message, promise, character and above all a an organizational buy-in of your new brand. Find below how XI can help you erect a strong brand.

Achieving awareness, affection, distinction and success both off/on-line requires a foundation for the brand to accurately reflect the essence of what you stand for and how you operate. This can only be achieved via research.  Xposze will help you with research to identify your brands point of distinction -t hat open unoccupied meaningful marketplace in your competitive landscape only your brand can fill. Unless your offerings being presented is one that seems to be meaningfully and attractively different and better than the  current market choice, customers will ignore, tune out, brush off any message  that does not appeal to their interest and needs. This is the whole point of positioning -  finding and protecting a position for your brand in your competitive landscape.

Brand profiling & positioning

brand planning & definitions

To move your brand into the spotlight capable of achieving awareness, affection, distinction and success requires planning. Now that you’ve laid out your foundation - your brand positioning, it must be converted into words, a guide for steering all your marketing efforts.  Xposze will help you define your brand that includes vision & mission statements, promise you make to all who deal with you and your organization. Also your brand character that will influence every expression of your brand - your name, logo, tagline, advertising, website, products, services, staff you assembled, the customer experience you deliver and the reputation you desire will be included. 

Logo or identity design is the point at which  the branding process acquires fanfare. The minute people in your organization see your brand emerge in a logo that embodies your name, they get enthusiastic about what may have previously felt like a whole bunch of navel-gazing.

At Xposze before we decide which type of logo is the best fit your company, we wade through the process of researching, positioning, and definition. We ensure your logo design reflects the essence of the brand  - that accurate representative of who you are and what you stand for in your marketplace. 

For your company Image management and protection purposes, Xposze will help you develop a style guide (logo placement, color treatment, typeface style, images, signature and a tagline) so as to ensure your logo is presented consistently for anyone who produces your marketing materials. 

Brand identity & style guide designs

If you don’t know the group of people you serve, what this group seeks for (in terms of positive benefits you can deliver) in other to feel (emotional outcome) and choice of doing business with only you (in terms of your point of difference) then its time you consider brand positioning.

Launch your brand physically & digitally

We would help script a great launch plan that clarifies your launch objectives - This includes the strategy & tactics you will follow, the timeline you’ll meet and the budget you will live within before moving it into a spotlight with a public launch capable of achieving awareness, affection, distinction and success. 

Xposze would also leverage digital communication using brand tools deduced from research to level the playing field between your brand and its big competition, seizing online opportunity and reach your brand objectives by staking claim to one name across all online channels. Websites developed will be optimized for fast-loading, great looking, findable, usable whiles attracting brand attention that pulls interest to your business. Finally we would help you build brand engagement and interaction by accelerating your social media activity on major networks where your customers hang out and expect to meet up with brands they love.

We would finally benchmark and monitor the impact of your brand introduction - pre-to-post launch

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