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ERC is a an environmental management and service company situated in accra. With the desire to deal with issues concerning the environment, crafting a market position and a strong brand that will reflect who they are and what they stand for was big challenge. They engaged us to help them develop a strong brand to that effect.


The challenge was obvious, erect a brand that reflects who ERC is and stands for, that which  the target market will love and do business with .

The Solution

With no intelligence to play with, we have to deduce intelligence by conducting a research. Our findings reported how important the environment is to EPA, thus all companies must comply with. We also found out how manufacturers were on the lookout for a savior to help measure, monitor and generate comprehensive report for EPA, a mandatory condition they must comply per quarter or yearly. The brad character we came up with had focus, convergence and a strong tagline.


This wasn’t hard to deduce, looking at ERC’s focus and and convergence. Working with the CEO we were able to refine the tagline that was attractive and distinct. Business and Nature care. A promise that resonated well with the targeted audience. 

The brand definition was translated into marketing mockups, stationery, signages and high performance website. Today ERC is the No1 leading environment management services company in Ghana and highly recommended by EPA Ghana for compliance purposes.

Market Impact

Gaining almost 70% of the market share, ERC is the No1 environmental company in less than 2 (two) years and now monopolizing the market.

ERC logo signifies a pregnant mother with a burning desire to care & protect nature. This character was seemed from the fact that EPA compliance was supposed to be met by manufacturing companies that care and must do what ever it takes to protect the environment. Erc has decided to position itself in a market that will help this manufacturing companies succeed in this endeavor. This means a strong identity must be erected to demonstrate that promise, and that was exactly what we did.

Logr created by Xposze Inc for Envaserv Reserach consult.

Signage designed and fabricated for ERC

Brochure design for ERC sample page

Brochure designed for ERC by xposze about water quality.

Updates  High performance website design - Home page

website developed for ERC by xposze

Pull up Banner for Exhibition at Takoradi

Pullup banner developed for ERC by xposze

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