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Envaserve Research Consult

ERC is an environmental management and services company situated in Accra, Ghana, with the desire to help companies deal with challenges concerning the environmental impact. How to position the company strategically in its target market to address those desires was a big challenge they have to deal with. They decided to engaged Xposze to help them develop a strong brand to that reflects who they are and what they stand for to attract their target audience.


The challenge was obvious, erecting a strong brand that reflects who ERC is and stands for; a brand the target market will love and do business with .

The Solution

With less market information to play with, we have to deduce intelligence by conducting a market research. Our findings reported how important a safe environment was to EPA, and why all companies must comply with. We also found out how manufacturers were on the lookout for a saviour to help measure, monitor and generate comprehensive report for EPA, a mandatory environmental audit they must comply with every year. At the end we developed an image that had focus, convergence and a strong tagline (business & nature, our care). ERC is the leading environmental consultancy firm in Ghana, with their success written in the good books of EPA.

ERC logo signifies a pregnant mother (that human icon) with a burning desire to care & protect nature ( representing the leaf). We choose the color Green a symbol for growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. The colour green also, has strong emotional correspondence with safety. ERC character was deduced from the fact that EPA compliance was supposed to be met by companies that must care and likewise do what ever it takes to protect the environment. An identity that reflects ERC position in the market to help companies succeed in this endeavour. 

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Brochure designed for ERC by xposze about water quality.

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