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Essence-Gh formally known as Essence kids & ladies clothing & accessories is a small businesses that collects top brand fashion clothing for women & kids. Known by small a small market niche, the Ceo contracted Xposze to help rebrand the Essencegh to establish greater visibility & growth. 


After careful audit we deduced a poorly erected brand that lacks focus and a compelling tagline. Marketing designs and campaigns that does not resonates with target audience. We also realized essence invisible foot-print on social media platforms. 

The solution

Xposze strategy to fix the problem was to rebrand essencegh, especially with an identity that truly reflects who they are and what they stand for. We also crafted a compelling tagline “Re-echoing personalities” a true promise essencegh has established with its clients over the years. We then developed Essencegh marketing mockups and a high performance website that will convert leads into customers.

The logo represents the multi-complexity of shapes, preferable human shapes that essence handles effectively each day when clients call. It promises echoing personalities irrespective of ones shape and size. Target will always get its fit to enhance their personality.

Indeed all shapes and sizes evolves around Essencegh, a sensitive fashion collector with grace. Colors chosen after extensive research sets Essencegh apart from its competition.. They are vibrant colors both kids and ladies (target customers) admire most, a perfect mix for the brand. 


For us to create awareness of the new EssenceGh Brand we designed a teaser that was communicated and circulated via WhatsApp, and facebook. Apparels for all occasions lead potential buyers to the website to find out more about the products.

Landing page was designed to tickle potential buyers drawing their attention to their enhanced personalities and its benefit - a must desire by all ladies.

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