Graphic designing & publishing

  • Developing clients brand marketing message and communication strategy 
  • Creating ads that work to build clients brand
  • Packaging and promoting clients brand


Brands need awareness like plants need water. If people don’t know about your brand or if they don’t have a clear idea about what your brand is and stands for, it will never take root in their minds, which is where brands thrive. Here at Xposze our team will help you develop your image, identity, traditional communications, including ads, direct mailers, packaging, promotions, and publicity capable of carrying your brand message into target market, homes, offices, cars, mailboxes, and mobile screens.

Marketing communications we develop are integrated, meaning they project one look, voice, and core message or brand promise across all communication channels, whether through personal presentations, web pages, social media, promotions, advertising, direct mail, or public-relations efforts.

integrated marketing communication

Xposze integrated marketing communication sample

We earn our fees for many reasons, but high on the list is the simplicity of their designs - few elements, most striking visuals, clean, attention-grabbing looks .

We inject headline or visual that grabs attention

But we don’t stop there, creative team are not only great in designing compelling elegant looking designs or ads but efficient in ad/media buy scheduling and media selection. We acknowledge that advertising pays its freight when it reaches the people you’re aiming to influence at the right time, with the right message, and with enough frequency to change their perceptions and actions. We would limit your reach and then spend as much as you have paid to achieve frequency through multiple ad placements in carefully selected media outlets that reach your targeted audience.

We handle all types of Ads - Print, Digital or Media.

Designing for impact

All our packaging designs is geared towards the affirmation of a  positive beliefs about your brand, reflecting the price and value of your offering, dominating in retail settings, and efficient & affordable to manufacture. 

We this by  combination of form and function to get the best Product or Services package that captures consumer attention, conveys and reinforces your brand image and promise as well as easy to pick up, read, study, carry away, use, and, hopefully, recycle.

Regardless of the form your packaging takes, we will ensure that it accurately reflects the promise of your brand and that it makes an appropriately strong and consistent impression for your business

Packaging & promoting


Xposze will ensure your customers and clients;

  • Gain confidence in your brands by presenting  them consistently across every touch point.
  • See & hear your brand voice reflecting your brand’s character and personality
  • Trust your companies more because the core message of communications is in line with the brand image.
  • Packaging that captures consumer attention, conveys and reinforces your brand image and promise as well as easy to pick up, read, study, carry away, use, and, hopefully, recycle.
  • Designs with the most striking visuals, clean, attention-grabbing looks that heighten interest.

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We will work with you to develop marketing designs and communications, that is beautiful, minimal and in tune with your target audience

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