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Redeemed Praise Ministry

Redeemed praise ministry a newly registered ministry approached us to erect a brand that will live up to its promise. 


The challenge was obvious, with no intelligence to play with, we have to deduce intelligence and erect a brand that will resonate with their members. Not only is redeem interested in having a beautiful stationery, well designed redemption materials for evangelism, but also a tagline that will resonate with its members from the church building across its website to social media platforms.

The solution

Xposze begun this journey conducting research from various churches to ascertain what makes them resonate with their members and how this translates into their brand identity, image and tagline. We also conducted survey with its existing members to deduce who their leader is, what he stands for, especially the mission assigned to him by God. 

Base on the intel gathered we erected a brand that truly says who Reddemed praise ministry is, what its stand for. From church mockups, right down to website design we ensure they reflected the mission of the church.  High performance website was developed for announcements, God,s messages and groups missions and activities.

The logo represents the unity of r-redeemed and p-priase with a single color signifying a single mission of redeeming lost souls that will stand boldly and praise God in the end because of God’s benevolent love for them. The Ministry was dashed to signify the formation but will be complete soon.

The Tagline - “the praises of the redeemed” is the foundation block and a guide that will drive all the church organizations and events.

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